Santa Fe Local Area Guide

Activities and Attractions 
Still not sure what to do when you get to Santa Fe? We compiled a list of some of the most popular activities and attractions to check out while you are in town. If you don't find just what you are looking for here, feel free to give our main office a call for great suggestions or visit for an extensive list of just about anything you can think of!
La Vida Spa
If you are looking to relax a bit during your stay in our beautiful city different? Treat yourself to a relaxing experience at La Vida Spa and receive a discount just for being a guest of AdobeStar Properties. La Vida Spa is located in the heart of downtown Santa Fe and is the perfect complement to add to your Santa Fe experience. 
Area Map
We have collectively made an interactive Google map of our favorite galleries, coffee shops, restaurants, book stores, and more! There are great local favorites close to each of our units and this map will help you find something close to you that will hopefully exceed your expectations as it has ours. 
Restaurant Picks
With over 600 different restaurants in Santa Fe, it becomes difficult to narrow them down. Our staff has created a list for you of our favorite, "can't miss" places to eat while you are in our beautiful city. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

The weather in Santa Fe at over 7,000 ft can have a mind of its own! Stay up-to-date here, be prepared for your trip, and keep an eye on what's to come.